June's Family Gathering: Balanced and Clean


Ethiopian Washed Sidamo Heirloom

El Salvador Natural Bourbon

Colombia Washed Caturra 


Put a lot of coffee into your Green Room or Production Office.


Bridging the gap between you and your friends who drink the green lady and instant crystals. This coffee brings them over to a familiar place of cozy town and introduces them to subtle notes of handle bar mustached leather apron superiority. 


Serve this for early call times and/or holiday gatherings and please avoid conversations about politics. 


Good Luck. 



5lb Family Gathering

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Monthly Subscription
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$85.00monthly/ auto-renew
  • 5lb bags of "Family Gathering" will ship out on the 1st of every month. 

  • You may cancel the subscription at anytime. This is more about me ordering the right amount of coffee month to month. Please don't feel like you need to know what the next year of your coffee drinking life is like.