This coffee from the Karango region was the first collective to reach Fair Trade certification in DR Congo. I was not familiar with the coffee that comes out of DR Congo prior to this lot but it scored well and had an inspiring backstory.


So, I bought it without ordering a green roasting sample, something I hear is frowned upon by real coffee professionals. What can I say? I'm dangerous.


The 89 smallholder members of their collective known as SOPACDI have plots of coffee that are less than 2 hectares each. What they produces is a fully washed Bourbon that is clean and bright with mild like lime acidity. It’s balanced but lively.


Then across 2 continents in El Salvador is the Finca Calera Farm also growing the Bourbon varietal. However, it’s processed as a Natural. Big fruit, lots of sweetness. Classic coffee notes with vanilla. (Not the weird baking extract kind that tastes like plastic spoons.)


If you like dark roasts, this would be a great place to start drinking something lighter because nothing jumps out at you as being unfamiliar, but it is complex enough for all 3rd wave elitists.


For me, I’m interested in the same varietal of coffee being grown in two very different places, processed uniquely to each location and climate. Coffee that is doing a lot of work locally to help their community, but also high quality in the cup.


Together I think it makes a great coffee that can do drip, filter, and work in pressure profiled espresso shots.






Washed Karango FTO +Natural Metapan Finca Calera

Excluding Sales Tax
  • DR Congo: FTO Microlot SOPACDI

    Region:      Karango Village, Kalehe Territory

    Varietal:     Bourbon

    Process:    Washed

    Altitude:    1750 Meters


    El Salvador: Finca Calera Bourbon Natural

    Region:      Metapan

    Varietal:     Bourbon

    Process:    Natural

    Altitude:     1500-1700 Meters