In the last few years, some of the most technology forward coffees have come from Colombia. Scientists are partnering with farmers to figure out how to measure the sugar content of cherries during the fermentation process and manipulate them to produce many of the most remarkeable coffee anywhere.


The main component of this roast is a Honey Processed Pink Bourbon from the La Bandida Farm of Don Andres Guaca. This is a hybrid varietal between Red and Yellow Bourbons that cups like a high altitude African. The washing station did an experimental anaerobic soak to the already labor intensive honey process and the results are fun.


The 3 days of fermentation brings a grapefruit acidity that back ends with what the importer described as mulled wine. It's not like anything I've ever had before, it's weird and delicious.


Because the pink bourbon is its own adventure, I paired it with a Castillo varietal from Jericho Colombia.


What the Castillo provides is a really refined and solid sense of chocolate coffee flavor. With all the coffee today that is so un-uncoffee like, it is nice to have a varietal that tastes like what our brain associates with coffee.


If this was wine, I would say a blend of old world and new world with great structure.


Limited bags, coffee importer was only selling 1/2 bags (35kilo) of the Honey Pink Bourbon.








Honey Pink Bourbon Microlot (Anaerobic fermentation)

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  • Don Andres Guaca

    Region:      San Adolfo & Huila

    Varietal:     Pink Bourbon

    Process:    Honey / Experimental Fermentation

    Altitude:    1700 Meters


    Excelso Patroness 

    Region:      Jerico

    Varietal:     Castillo

    Process:    Washed

    Altitude:    1700-2000 Meters