This is the very definition of difficult to source with limited availability. 

I bought a 5lb bag so the math is not good. 

Here are some notes from the green buyer.



Honey processing involves leaving some of the sticky fruit intact with the coffee seeds during the entire drying period and tends to result in fruited sweetness, but at the risk of muting a coffee's acidity and clarity. The latter is part of the reason we buy so few honey processed coffees, and it can be particularly troubling when you see a potentially great coffee like a Gesha compromised when processed poorly.


But once again, the Lasso family delivers honey-process Gesha on par with their washed. We were super impressed by the confluence of fruited sweetness and delicate floral aroma and think you will be too!


The coffee comes from the farm of Segundo Lasso, brother to Raquel Lasso whose "Finca La Bohemia" coffee we've bought in the past. While the most of the Lasso family reside in La Union, Nariño, Segundo left a few years back to marry his sweetheart from Huia, Gisella.


Together, they manage their 5 hectare farm El Mirador. The farm is in Las Aguilas, a village within Huila's La Argentina Municipality, sits at 1875 meters above sea level is planted in Gesha. 



Segundo Lasso: El Mirador Gesha Honey Process

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  • El Mirador Gesha by Segundo Lasso

    Region: Las Aguilas, Colombia

    Varietal: Gesha

    Process: Honey Process

    Altitude: 1875 Meters