Please drink local coffee. There are great shops/roasters everywhere.

But if 2 bags a month sounds good. Here it is 


Bag 1: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Natural w/ Kenya Thirakwa AB

Bag 2: DR Congo Karango w/El Salvador Naxareno Bourbon Natural


Roasters Choice: 2 bags a Month

Excluding Sales Tax
Price Options
2 Bag a Month
Filter, Drip, Press, and Pour-Overs
$42.00monthly/ auto-renew
2 Bags a Month
Espresso & Mokapot
$42.00monthly/ auto-renew

  • You may cancel the subscription at anytime. This is more about me ordering the right amount of coffee month to month. Please don't feel like you need to know what the next year of your coffee drinking life is like.