Ethiopian coffees are consistently my favorite and this one is no different. 


I thought it would be interesting to have a natural processed Yirgacheffe  blended with a washed Kenyan from the Kirinyaga region for a fuller mouth feel and added depth to the coffee's sweetness.


In short, red fruit/strawberry notes (not the tartness, but the fruit meat part) that finishes with black tea above 15k that still has a pleasant caramel texture. 


On the roast, the Kenyan went through a longer drying phase up top to mitigate some of the acidity. Ethiopians have plenty of acidity already and I was looking to make the Kenyan's flavor profile a supporting role.


In the same way single origins are fun to highlight, I also think it's interesting to turn a high scoring coffee like the Kenyan AB into a supportive role within the roast. 


Final word, if you're the kind of person that will make a pot of coffee and let it cool down so you can have your coffee iced, this is the one for it.

Yirgacheffe G3 & Kirinyaga AB. (Natural + Washed)

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  • Yirgacheffe Natural

    Region:      Edido Village

    Varietal:     Heirloom

    Process:    Natural+Dried on Rasied Beds

    Altitude:    1900-2000 Meters



    Region:      Kirinyaga

    Varietal:     SL28, SL34

    Process:    Washed

    Altitude:    1600 Meters